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Let us face it: Demo environments are a pain. Last minute demo surprises are embarrassing. Creating custom demos are time consuming. Not anymore!

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All your prospects are not the same. Then why should all demos be the same? Customize demos for each prospect in minutes and close more deals!

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Let your prospects be in control of their buying journey

Craft a product story for every use-case, persona, and pain-point. Let your buyers see exactly what they want to see.

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Get user insights and sharpen your sales pitch

Prioritize deals based on user interactions. Track user behavior and get critical insights. Fine-tune your sales pitch and multiply your conversions.

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Integrate with CRM and ace your workflow

Enjoy the power of Fable within your workflow. Customize your demo, create demo links, and get critical insights for every opportunity in your CRM.

All it takes is 3simple steps!
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Spin-off a demo sandbox


Create a front-end copy of your product

In just a few clicks, capture the key parts of your product with all the bells & whistles. Your demo environment is ready to go without the help of your engineering team!


Personalize for each buyer


Customize the demo to wow your buyers

With our no-code editor, customize the demo for your buyer based on persona, use case & industry. Edit everything you want: from images and text to every other element, you can personalize it all.


Share demos & win deals


Share Fable demos and close more deals

Live-demos or leave-behinds. Choose how and when to share these demo URLs. Let buyers play around with your product and get them to closed won faster.